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Improving on IT operation processes

The new demands on IT operations: faster, better and more communicative

Agile software engineering has fundamentally changed service delivery. There are no more release cycles, new features are delivered immediately after completion. Several deployments on test and QA environments are carried out per day.

Again and again, IT operations seems to be the limiting factor, not without good reason. Over the years, administrators have learned what is necessary for the secure operation of services:

Insisting on these definitions before go live and operation of the service repeatedly delays the schedules of agile projects.

Many DevOps engineers, who want to take over these challenges themselves, with the aim to be faster, understand the operations part as pure deployment and configuration of the service or application. They get into massive difficulties with error detection (incident management) and service recovery (business continuity).

Agile Methods for IT Operations

It is not necessary to put the classic IT operation on ice, rather it should be further developed analogously to software development and its experience should be used.

The following optimizations are possible: