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Implementing new strategies

Transition management introduces a new strategy into your company in a sustainable way

With your preparations, such as strategy development, PoC and appropriate monitoring, you have measurably proven that your strategy can be successful. The next step is to integrate it sustainably into your company. The transition management takes over this task.


Transition Management introduces your new strategy sustainably into your company

The transition management takes over the coordination of the implementation as well as the acceptance of the planned changes. This process is completed when all processes of the new IT landscape run smoothly and all employees of the affected organization can operate or apply them.

It is important that this phase is still seen as part of the project, because although a proof of concept has identified and resolved many potential problems early on, there may still be problems in the implementation phase that project management needs to resolve through workarounds or quick fixes.


With many successfully implemented strategies we help you to master the last step of strategy implementation.

We accompany you in setting up transition management in the right time. Based on our know-how from many introductions, we support your transition manager with controlling and monitoring mechanisms.


Let’s talk. We recognize problems early and find solutions together to solve them.