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Identifying and understanding problems

Central logging - an indispensable tool for identifying problems and optimizing the IT infrastructure

Protocols and log files form the basis for understanding the processes of IT processes and infrastructures. They are an indispensable tool in incident and performance management. This data is generated decentrally and contains important information that can help identify and locate hardware and software problems as well as resource bottlenecks. Log files can also be used effectively to detect security problems and attacks.


Central logging is an indispensable tool for identifying problems and optimizing the IT infrastructure.

With conventional methods, it is almost impossible to search and use log files quickly and efficiently in daily operations. Valuable information, which could lead to a quick problem solution or cause identification, is therefore often not used.


We offer you the know-how to integrate and visualize the decisive data in an automated system.

Central log management systems collect all relevant records and log data. These are indexed and stored centrally. Using personalized dashboards, different perspectives can be visualized and critical trends can be identified at an early stage.

We offer you the know-how to build such systems automatically with data visualizations that enable your technicians and developers to work faster and more effectively.


Let’s talk! We have proven systems that can be integrated into your IT in the shortest possible time.