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Monitor business and IT processes

Gain detailed information about your operations and processes in order to make qualified decisions

Application and Process Monitoring (APM) is the collection of indicators (KPIs) of relevant business processes in organizations. It provides detailed information about the status and results of various operations, processes and transactions, enabling you to make qualified business decisions and quickly address problems.


Detailed information about operations and processes is the basis for qualified business decisions. {% /headliner %}} APM provides you with the status of business and IT processes to the second (process overloaded, high response times from the end user's point of view, exceeding of service level agreements). You can take timely countermeasures to ensure customer satisfaction or increase cost efficiency through optimization.

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We automatically build your application and process monitoring so that you can recognize the status of your business process to the second.

} By means of the IT analysis we support you in finding relevant indicators. A suitable application and process monitoring system is set up automatically, in which these indicators are retrieved and stored. APM not only shows current values, but also provides historical data. This enables you to monitor the quality of improvement measures and projects and check whether a project has achieved the desired effects. ## NEXT STEPS Let's talk! We will build up your application and process monitoring together.