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Allow your developers to focus on programming - automate testing, deployment and integration

Software developers are a crucial and cost-intensive part of any IT strategy or digitization. Therefore it is important that they can focus on their main tasks. The aim is to describe both the deployment environment and the delivery mechanisms in a language that can be understood by a computer and to have them automatically executed by appropriate programs.


Modern tools and procedures for software and service installation save time and personnel

Modern technologies offer the possibility to install software and services as complete packages. This not only saves time. Installations are error-free and easy to repeat.


Configuration Management, Docker, Kubernetes, Continious Integration and Continious Deployment should not be foreign words to you. We bring these technologies to your company.



This is a method of providing software and services. The goal is to have a flowing process in which new updates can be automatically tested and rolled out in short periods of time.


Docker is a software for easy deployment of applications in the form of containers containing all necessary packages. These containers ensure the separation and management of the resources used on a computer. Among other things, this increases the security of your infrastructure.

Kubernetes is a system for managing multiple containers. It aims to define services from a number of containers and automatically scale, maintain and, if necessary, distribute them to different servers or computing instances.


Let us talk about your requirements, wishes and goals. We will help you to use the appropriate tools.