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Piloting of strategies and concepts

Don't be surprised - risk minimization through PoC and prototyping

The introduction of new strategies and concepts poses many challenges. Knowing these challenges at an early stage is crucial for their successful introduction in the company. Proof of concept (PoC) or prototyping is a means of testing new applications, concepts and strategies on a small scale.


Testing concepts and strategies minimizes the risk, because you recognize possible challenges in time.

With a PoC you can reproduce the intended vision in a strategy or a concept in a small scale with all processes and participants. This allows you to identify challenges and potential for improvement at a very early phase and to adapt the strategy and concept at an earliest stage.

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We support you in defining and building a proof of concept and make the result measurable.

Prototyping is an analog method in software development. It creates pseudo-components that simulate functionalities of the target system. This enables an early feedback regarding the suitability of a solution approach. Problems and change requests can be recognized early and resolved with less effort.


Let’s talk! We build your proof of concept, preferably automated, to use the experience for your production.